Sunday, June 6, 1943

The Y was opened today and the carpenters, plumbers and electricians moved in. They’ll continue tomorrow and then we clean. I guess we’ll work on the grounds tomorrow, they’re a mess. Last night there were guards on all night but there was no raid. Apparently the J have something on their minds, wonder if it had anything to do with shooting of Laurel at Wack-Wack yesterday.

Anyway, there isn’t so much anxiety tonight. The Y again, Woodin saw the space today and divided 60 men per place, etc. No one can stick to any given plan around here. By tonight Bill had made a plan of the first floor and filled in 50 spaces and I had Woodin agree to that number and to the list of names as I had them recorded. Palmer will have 53 on the 2nd floor. Bill and I celebrated with duck eggs (fried) a can of meat gelatin and fried sweet potatoes and (I almost forgot) two loaves of bread—it was some change from the black beans.

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