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July 1, 1943

Almost 14 months as a prisoner of war and future doesn’t look too bright. Maybe Uncle Sam will get around to us one of these days. New traperation installed – classes A, B, C. Ailments such as survey, plegia, Beri-beri & etc. showing up again. Deaths are on increase again. Have lost around 5500 to date. George Burwell went to hospital today. Fouts has been over about a week. Planted beans yesterday. Dry was a soother. Details are too heavy, [we] are trying to get those who are unable to work to hospital. Capt. Croom don’t know what the score is. Barracks overloaded. Joe not feeling well. Some American[s] are dumb or either lazy than all hell. Man with acute appendix and they didn’t see how they could send him to hospital because Japs want no transfers on 30th of month. If Mary could only see me farming, handling defication, walking in mud to my knees and burning up in the sun. It’s awfully hard on some men —— Nips collected all of our books. They don’t like us to have any privileges.