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Wednesday, July 7, 1943

I’m practically recovered from my gastronomic disturbance following the holiday debauch. I hope I can keep up to my present program Monitor, Safety and Order, Ant. History—I’m taking Spanish—German—Accounting and two Economics courses, besides reading Caesar’s Commentaries under the guidance of one the padres, Dr. Griffiths Literature courses, and trying to read Gibbon’s Decline and Fall and Durant’s Story of Philosophy. When you come up I want you to take French and teach me about Music and you too can take the Spanish course. I wish you were here now. I’m duty bound to be up at 6:30 for Buckle’s calisthenics too. Things are as usual—they say 500-1,000 of you up here by 7/31… The new barracks progressing under efforts of 5,000 workers. I wonder how livable they will be eventually. I’ve dreamed of you twice since July 1, I was looking for you both times and found you too. We’ll be very happy. Darling. Oh yes, I’m spending an hour every evening with Dan going over L.M. book and problems.