Friday, October 15, 1943

We are working on the barracks—I truly believe that some transfer, including you, will take place within the near future, six weeks or less. I love you, Darling. If there’s anything worth doing well in this world it’s to love and adore you, my darling little wife for the rest of my days. I am a sentimental dope so far as you’re concerned and I hope and pray that you don’t tire of it. There’s a lot of sentiment against our doing any work on the barracks but I guess there are enough to control the situation. They’re worried for fear the 500 Americans in the Philippines will be jeopardized (how, I don’t know) by the action. Such lame brains. Nothing to do except talk and nothing to talk about. I positively hate some people, and there are many others with whom I can’t be more than barely civil. Rumors today: Nazi Government has quit in Germany, Sea Battle near Guam, Burma offensive under way. I hope I can see you soon. I bought you some bobby pins today.


Note: The journal ends here. Charles Mock’s wife Charmian arrived at Los Baños on December 10, 1943.

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