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May 3, 1944

The dentist has brought in the panels from his office which, with other boards, he is making into a paneled apartment for his wife, taking plenty of space. Perhaps they will move the daughter over, solving a space problem in this barracks too. They will go out as they came in, insulated, learning little but bitterness, taking all they can get and giving as little as possible.

I wondered if I could get P30 for my shoes that I have in here. Carl said if they could be sent out they would bring in P170 and he would keep them in mind. He told us that jewelry would go better and Jerry answered that all we had was the diamond bracelet which would bring more cash than we would want. He took this up quickly, saying that if I were willing to part with it and the Japanese assented to its going out, we could have enough for ourselves and to divide among the various mission groups whose boards would stand behind them in repayment. If the bank jewels are gone, I only have three pieces left with me, but I am so on the ragged edge that parting with one more “thing’’ does not matter. From my own case, I know to the full how much other people may be in need. Jerry’s mind always clicks instantly and he was all for it at once. He has few sentimental attachments for things. Carl told me to think it over a bit. After ten minutes, I asked Jerry, “Do you want it now? Come and I will give it to you.” It no longer bothers me to think about it. One wrench and it was gone—the sign and symbol of our gains from the Gold Boom, a gift from Jerry, one more item to put on my list of things bought for one purpose and used for quite another. It satisfies me that it goes not only for our family but for many groups of people in need. No strings attached.

Minutes of the Special Meeting called by the Commandant: “All members present, (including Mr. Green and not Fabian). Mr. Tomibe said that the meeting had been called to discuss the resignation of Mr. Green as Head of Finance. He said he was unable to understand the reasons for his resignation. . . . Mr. Tomibe said that the desire on the part of any member to resign should first have been submitted to him and he criticized the Committee in going ahead with an election before consulting him.  . . . The Chairman stated he realized the Committee did not follow the proper procedure in the resignation of Mr. Green and in holding a new election, but that they had followed the precedent in this matter. The Command stated that he would give his decision in the matter on Thursday morning. That morning the Committee was again called before the Command. He stated that the Committee had worked hard and with difficulty, that he was pleased with their work. He appreciated the difficulties but that since the Family Unit Plan was started there had been bitterness and dissension to a serious degree in camp. This must not be and so it was his desire to dissolve the present Committee and have a new election. He asked their opinion of this plan and whether or not they would be willing to serve if reelected. Most of the members said they would not serve. Several said they would serve if elected since they felt it their duty to do so. Some felt that this problem was not serious enough to warrant a new election, and they felt that any ill will or bitterness would pass. . . . After a long discussion, the Command finally announced that the present Committee would continue in office and he asked Mr. Green if he would be willing to continue in office as Head of Finance. He said that he would.”

This is Mr. Green’s punishment and a great lesson for all. Mr. Tomibe is a fine administrator. If there were more like him in both countries, neither would be at war. The enemy tried to be fair and impartial. He looks at it straight and balances it well, At one point, Mr. Tomibe turned to Mr. Green asking him why he took so much interest and effort in the Family Unit plan since it was out of his department and in the province of Father Sheridan. Even to the end he tried to force Tomibe to his way—saying he would withdraw his resignation if cubicle moves would stop where they were. Tomibe smiled and said they would—until more materials were obtained. Then it could continue. So they lost.

Jerry cleaned the diamond bracelet today and I held it and looked at it in the sun. We chuckled over the day he gave it to me.

Our rice ration has been cut 25% since Christmas.