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May 21, 1944 (Sunday)

Mass, confession and communion at St. Sofia’s.

Party at Maruyama’s. At 11:00 we gathered at Maruyama’s Music Studio to have a little reunion of the Pinoys with adobo and, as the main event, dinuguan [Filipino dish made with pig’s blood, innards and chili peppers] which Maning Laurel received from his father. There were a few girls present which added “color” to the occasion. We played games and enjoyed it truly. (The Japanese seemed to like the dinuguan and the adobo.)

The party broke up at 5:00, and from there I proceeded to the Nagasakis with Quiambao and Pena for a visit.

The “alert” given last night has not been lifted yet, and the city is in almost complete blackout. I wonder what is happening “somewhere.”