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June 15, 1944

A Tribune comes in now and then, no one knows how. The Chinese cook for the Japanese staff had one on his head when he carried sheet iron to the shop. The guard grabbed it and tore off the front sheet quickly before our men could see it. The Chinese said he was using it to measure by. One guard who is beginning to think for himself says they don’t get enough to eat. He says that before this they could pound the posts in fast, now they go very slow and are tired. They and we get less and less, tired all the time. He said more about maybe we would win and be out in a year. If he was wounded, he would get paid P24 and go home, no food for him or family. If he dies his family get only a little. There is little to look forward to, no way to turn.

Without Jerry’s constant thought and effort, I would never have survived by my own strength which has worn slowly down, nor am I practical enough. It takes combinations of all sorts to survive this situation.