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June 16, 1944 (Friday)

Nippon Shoseki Kabushiki Kaisha (Japan Textbook Publishing Company). At 3:30 this p.m. we visited the Ministry of Education’s immense publishing house which prints the textbooks used in all primary schools in Japan. We saw the process of printing, cutting, folding, binding and final packing of thousands upon thousands of books. The plant prints about 4,000,000 copies every month we were told. For souvenirs we were given copies of Japanese textbooks and a catalogue of the company.

Air Raid. The alarm is still on, and there seems to be something tense in the situation. People are jittery, expecting the raiders to come any moment. The Japanese newspapers published the bombing by enemy bombers of a few places in Kyushu with “no damage.” Tonight one of us reported having seen anti-aircraft bursts in the sky lasting for quite a time.

Pictures from the Philippines. General Satō showed us many pictures taken in the P.I. during his term as Director of the Luzon Branch of the Japanese Military Administration.