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July 10, 1944

The camp commander was relieved and a Japanese officer took over — there has also been a large shakeup of the camp organization. What it portends we do not know — the result so far has been toward a loss of control by American officers. We also hear it rumored that all officers are to be segregated and that there will be no more officer bks leaders. Rumors on outgoing detail have slacked off. Vitamin pills are temporarily exhausted. Commissary has picked up tremendously but prices are so high that not much can be bought. In some cases prices have increased 100 fold. A strange thing happened in tobacco here the other day — a terrific shortage hit the camp and 1 pkg. of Alhambra formerly P .50 was so sold that a profit of P 120 was made on it. The men rolled cigarettes on a homemade roller and sold them at P .50 each. Tobacco Co. stocks should make a good investment — people will smoke even if they aren’t eating. They will swap medicine that will save their lives for tobacco — this latter has been made impossible for a year at least. Thank goodness. People must be forced to do what is good for them. Never think that one in authority can please everybody — c’est impossible. My motto has always been “do what you think is right whether or not you are liked for it” — I am now so firmly convinced that this is the only way that I fear I shall never be persuaded otherwise. I learned a great deal by observation during our active war service and since then too — in many military books about great military men and wars. I have seen my own observations in black and white. I “get a kick” out of learning myself first — and it will make me a more zealous student of military history. I only wish my health would stand concentrated study here. I could accomplish so much that I might not have much time for after this over — This is certainly sacrifice to obtain capital, n’est ce pas