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July 9, 1944 (Sunday)

National Library at Ueno. Spent this Sunday morning at the Ueno National Library, going over the rows of index cards to see what English books there are in this library. I was disappointed not to find even one book on the Philippines or by a Filipino author, the library of Waseda University being very much better with several books on the P.I. There were many Japanese students poring over books in the vast reading room. I paid Y.10 entrance fee, which entitled me to borrow books to be read within the library and surrendered before leaving the place. Comparing our own National Library or the library of the University of the Philippines, I think ours are not behind.

From the library, I took a walk just by myself in Ueno Park and along the rowing lake nearby, which was then packed with people enjoying their Sunday off on a hot summer day. I took my lunch at the “Jaraku,” the restaurant where Felix Marzan, Filipino, is the chief cook. He gave me good food, and I enjoyed his kindness.

At 2:00 p.m., visited Maning Laurel, Nene Vargas and Bert Lavides at the Daitōa Hospital, all of them having been operated on for appendicitis. From the hospital, I went with Pepito A. Santos shopping at Shinjuku. Bought a few things, from toothbrushes to hairpins.

After dinner tonight had my sprained knee massaged at a nearby massage clinic. Then visited a few friends at Shinjuku.