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July 15, 1944

1000 men detail leaves today and tomorrow. This morning major Doris, capt. Lucas, Dunn. Taggert. Lts. Joe Allen and others left. Timpert may leave in the morning not sure. Malcolm Bull and W.D. in Smith, and several other boys out of the Battery left also camp is getting smaller. Still no news from other side We have not, worked for 3 days due to Typhoon weather and I sure stay hungry. Thats nothing new however. Received word from Dad again last night. Latest letter dated Sept. 4,1943. Everyone fine. Troubles me though is the way he speaks of Mary being in good health now and gaining weight. As if she had been sick. There is evidently some good reasons for her not working any more wish I could receive a letter that would explain a few things.

heard from Mrs. Caron, a very nice lette .  Received a rather depressing letter from mother. Afraid she was lost her mind the way she makes statements. Cant understand it. She seems to think