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September 3, 1944

John, the cook, struck a bargain this morning. He was able to buy three hens for 60 Pesos. We shall have one for lunch with red beans (native to the Philippines). This morning we had for breakfast, corn bread that John made baked in an iron frying pan on an open fire, as we no longer have ovens. We use margarine made in Manila instead of butter. Butter is now 30 Pesos a can for 1⁄2 pound.

Yesterday I heard that several “batels” (sailboats) arrived from Davao full of refugees trying to escape from the bombing by the Americans. They think they will be safer here, but we cannot tell for sure as bombing here has not begun yet. At the outbreak of the war, we feared Japanese planes, now we fear American planes. From day to day one does not know whether he will come safely through or not.