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Sun. Sept. 3/44

Three weeks since I wrote last! I am glad time is going so quickly. We had much rain last month, which was good for our gardens. Willie has corn, beans, and over-ripe tomatoes in the kitchen. I have two kinds of beans, and Cecil has a small garden, too. I still work for Mr. Eaton and we have made everything from frying pans to grind stones. Tomorrow I am to work on the communion rail for the Episcopal chapel!

Two weeks ago the Japanese could give us no wood for our kitchen, so we had to have our food cooked in the lower camp. It was slim fare, and it started a flurry of garden making. Once or twice this past week we had slims, too. (Fried rice only). The water situation is a headache, too. Sometimes it comes on nicely for a few days, and then inexplicably it will go off, and we have to carry water for everything.

The night patrol has not yet started, but I have a new job in the way of teaching. I have four boys whom I am teaching first year high school composition and literature.

We have had to give a report of our finances several times. Now, we hear that all our money will be taken tomorrow and placed in the Taiwan Bank (Japanese). We may draw fifty pesos per month to spend in the camp canteen. When we learned of this we placed special orders through the canteen and paid for them. Yesterday we were fortunate to receive ten kilos of red beans. They cost us P. 325.00. More than seven dollars a pound!

We heard Bishop Binstead in the service this morning. Willie is to speak in an evening service some time this month. It is raining a little which will be good for the gardens. Cards were passed around yesterday for us to use for sending out messages. We have received a few notes from the States since coming here. I had one from Ardis, one from Iona, and one from D. Hilton. Mighty nice to have them!