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***September 21, 1944***

Today, Thursday, it happened — we actually saw several hundred American bombers and fighters. It ranks with the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. Not only did we see them, but we saw some action just at the edge of camp in which an enemy plane went down. Also the air field about 2.3 km from here was strafed. We bks. ldrs. were hard put to keep the men from waxing too enthusiastic. We estimate that every military objective of large size on the
island was hit. The formations were so different from Japs — non rigid with fighters on all sides and above weaving around like sparrows around eagles.

The action was so near (over our farm) that no work details went out in afternoon. Japs remain the same. Everyone feeling enthusiastic — we expect to see them again tomorrow at least, they were carrier borne Navy planes.