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September 20, 1944

The prices of food continue to soar. An egg which cost 5 Pesos a few days ago now costs 10 Pesos. Yesterday was another quiet day. The only sounds we heard were from the Japanese who were practicing cannon firing.

Coné and Meñing are reinforcing the air raid shelter in the house. We keep hearing stories of incidents during the last bombing. One of the planes sighted a Japanese soldier seek shelter in one of the Chinese stores downtown and returned and bombed it. Many Chinese civilians were killed and wounded. The city is a very dangerous place to be in these days, but many civilians are afraid to go out to the country because of the bandits and lawless elements who give them a bad time. Also, some are afraid of being branded as collaborators, so the only place they can go for safety is to the hospitals, schools and churches. These places are filled with civilians.