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September 26, 1944

Am very tired, fagged out. Carrying furniture and bags the whole day. We’ve moved to a small bungalow in V. Mapa. The Japs have taken our house in the name of “co-prosperity and cooperation” and a lot of potatoes to that effect.

Only happy note of the day has been the 72-hour ultimatum. You’ve probably heard that it was announced over KGEI that Roosevelt gave the Japanese 72 hours to leave Manila or else he’ll bomb and rebomb the life out of them.

Mama has been very nervous the whole day. The Japanese major was asking for one of the pianos. “Mrs. the colonel,” he said very nicely, “would like to have one of your pianos?” My mother refused, replied “you are taking our house. Now please leave us our things.” And he answered in typical Japanese fashion: “But we are not taking it: only borrow…” But Mama was adamant. What kind of an Army is this that fights a war with pianos and nice residences? Another officer, by the way, wanted Mama’s orchids. Mama said “No.” We still have the piano and orchids… Mark –“still”.

Will write again tomorrow… I’m very sleepy right now… gnight.