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26 October 1944

GQ at 0500, nothing happened. I think they bombed inland on the beach. We secured at 0530. GQ was again sounded at 0600 and the planes came in. We and the ships around shot it down. She didn’t have a chance. When the plane hit the water, it sank immediately. Well, everyone was happy then and we secured. GQ was again sounded at 0800. Planes came around but were out of range (high flying). The 5″ on all the ships fired. One was shot down by the AA fire. One strafed and dropped two bombs close to the Hospital ship. Thank God they missed. The USS MERCY is in taking out casualties.. She left this afternoon. Well, anyway, we finally secured at 0930. Most of the day has been spent at GQ as usual. Planes in and out. Another Destroyer was towed in by a Tug. She was hit in the sea battle out there at sea. This bay by the way is called SAN PEDRO BAY. That makes two crippled Destroyers. (35 dead on this Destroyer). We have been to GQ 5 times today. Only 2 hours of leisure. One Jap plane dropped tin foil to throw off the Radar. It didn’t work — it was shot down. The crippled Destroyer was hit by our own Cruiser when she went in for a torpedo run.

Today a Jap Betty came so close to our stern that the gun crew thought she would hit. It came through the smoke screen and evidently thought she was in a clear spot. The LCI’s opened fire and almost hit our ship. The gun crew had to duck in order to avoid being hit.