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5 November 1944

Today we reached the Philippines. We disembarked in Leyte harbour, and this is how it was done. In the well deck of Casa Grande were some twenty L.C.M.’s, and on each L.C.M. was a (?). We carried our gear from our cabins and put it on the (?). By the time Casa Grande came to anchor, the well deck was flooded & the L.C.M.’s were afloat. Then the big ship opened her stern gates and the L.C.M.’s sailed out like so many (?) out of the whale’s belly. the L.C.M.’s took us ashore & then they too lowered their gates, and the bucks ran us to Sixth Army H.Q. We had travelled in three vehicles, so to speak, and our luggage had to be handled only once.

In my (?), by the way, was two & a half million dollars in notes.

Found Sixth Army H.Q. looking rather hollow-eyed, as Jap nuisance raids, occurring at frequent intervals throughout each night, had made them lose a bit of sleep. They shifted to this site—once again a coconut grove—only yesterday. They hope it will be quieter.

Anderson & the PWB boys have set up their presses in Tacloban, about twelve miles away, I learn. I must contact him tomorrow.