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November 5, 1944

Last night was quiet, but this morning 36 American planes flew over, and I was very frightened for fear of a raid. We carried Dolly into the shelter. Junior was able to walk as he is stronger. The planes did not bomb the city, but bombed the boats and ships in the harbor.

This morning a Japanese soldier came to the house and asked for a piece of blue material. All I had was a blue school uniform of Dolly’s, so I cut it up and gave it to him. He said it was to be used for a flag.

Coné and I can speak a few words of Nippongo (the Japanese language) – so do the children, but Dolly speaks it fluently, and it surely has benefited us a great deal as many of the Japanese do not understand English.

Dolly and Junior are feeling better, but quite weak yet.