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November 8, 1944

In AM, moved 27 field officers from Bldg. #13 to #18 and sent 30 Las Pinas draft in exchange. This relieves some “strain” but much remains.

Three conferences with Japanese yesterday, one with Captain Nogi. They are increasing Captain Shaw’s draft to 148 patients, 15 Med Dept men, a tailor, and a total of 4 officers including Chaplain Brewster, Lt (JG) USN, picked by name, and one doctor extra, to be picked by me. I have no eight balls on my staff and was in misery over the selection. Finally, I chose Lt Albert D. Serwald, USPH, whom Captain Shaw wished. This cut is difficult as it reduces my 67 men to 49, seventeen of when are in the mess. I had already arranged to attach 18 pharmacists mates this morning, and now will have to request 18 more when this detail leaves.

Requested an increase in ration from Captain Nogi yesterday but was told they were doing the best they could.

My staff are working extremely hard – 6:15 AM to 8:00 PM. We have staff meeting at 8:00 PM. This is all on two small meals a day. Grain issue should be 300 gms. per man per day, averaged 278 gms last month. It was 270 gms the first two days this week, 251 gms the next two days and is now 280 gms per 2 days, but it is musty rice. Camote issue of 600 odd kilos is down 40%. Fish issue for 35 gms per man yesterday instead of the usual 25.

No pay to date, hence no commissary. We are using three patients in officers quan kitchen who wash dishes, weep, scrub and take personal care of CO, for bed, lavendero, etc. But we can’t compensate them with food and money is valueless with the commissary. Two special prisoners of Japanese taken from ward #16 by MP’s.