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November 13, 1944

Shakedown of entire compound immediately after AM tenko and small amount of rice obtained in various Bldgs. A. R. at about 8:00 AM which continued until about 7:30 PM when we went on alert. We were able to serve the afternoon about 4:30. I was called out around noon by Mr. Kuboda who wished a statement order put out to all Bldgs. informing them that any bombshell fragments or bullets would have to be turned into the Japanese guard house at once. A Japanese sentry was sent with the rumor. This order also stated that middle and lower window shutters would be closed as usual during air raids and that upper windows would be closed if ordered by the Japanese sentries.

Ward rounds and clinics were conducted in late afternoon and evening. Work in general proceeded satisfactorily considering that everyone was frozen inside except for one or two breaks during the day.

Captain Wermuth was returned to the draft yesterday, and came to see me. He denies attempting to bribe laboratory man and says corpsman approached him. A board will be appointed. We heard bombing and AA off and on all day, apparently in the vicinity of Port Area.