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November 20, 1944

Awakened by Mr. Schwizer at 5:00 AM as the detail plans were changed and they were to leave at 6:00 AM. After seeing detail off, after tenko, things were again quiet. Many people had been talking to friends on the detail who reported bombing of Cabanatuan airport yesterday, considerable activity on raids and food holding up at Camp #1 with usual 3 meals a day.

Checked special diets this morning, making a survey, personally of all wards. We have 30 now on special diet of 3 small rice meals a day instead of 2 large ones, with added milk, fruit, sugar and other items when issued. Few others have a supplementary milk ration – milk issued at rate of three men per 2 can per day and we have enough for another 60 days at present which is better than at any time here and is due to Captain Nasr’s diplomatic contact with the Japanese QM.

Talked with Mr. Kuboda a minute and he okayed protestant mid-week service.