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November 26, 1944

5:40 p.m. The meeting of the Directors of the PL of F (Patriotic League of Filipinos Makapili) was opened with the announcement of the Plantilla of the association. I was disappointed by the men of Mr. Ramos in. the plahtilla, as many of them were green and incapable ones. To top this the headship of the Department of Enlightenment which was reserved for me by agreement between General Ricarte, President Duran and Executive General Ramos had been handed over to Mr. Lumbre by Executive General Ramos. I was hurt by this action in spite of the reason that they gave that I was not in the office for some time, I knew that it was only a reason being given by Mr. Ramos in order to put in his men for the reason could not hold water as I was in a position to go because of my activities in the NLA (New Leaders’ Association) which fact was known to him. I did not express my disappointment in an effort to hide my emotions, but General Ricarte objected to my being deprived of the position. He however replied that it was not a very important matter as I could render services without being head of any department. Executive General Ramos sensing objections against the injustice from any quarters, immediately replied that if I could attend to the work, then I should be retained as head of the Department of Enlightenment, while Mr. Lumbre was to be transferred to the Secretariat. Various reports were read and finally the question of manner of address was brought up and General Ricarte proposed that the Tagalog title ‘Tandis’ be used in addressing Executive General Ramos. On the other hand I proposed that General Ricarte, as ‘Tayog’ and Vice General Duran should be addressed as ‘Tayuyog’. The manner of address were unanimously approved. It was already dark and the moon was already up when the meeting was adjourned. President Duran took me home in his car.