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December 2, 1944

Regular Saturday AM inspection. Called to see captain Nogi about 10:30 AM who accepted the “plan” but wished us to reduce amounts due to scarcity of supplies and inability to replace. For example, A.S.A. figured
34,000 tab. (5 gr.) for 761 patients. He thinks 15,000 adquate. He thinks – 1 mg. per day adequate therapy for B-1 deficiencies and wishes us to run an “experiment for 1 mo. using his method on ½ the cases and mine on the other half. This will start immediately.

Last hearing on duck case with Lt Col Trapnell. Gray (civ.) took them, Blough and Sgt Nicholson quanned them in Wd #17. Emergency tenko at 10:00 PM last night. Lt Carper. Sgt Rheinhardt and Pfc Lotspech ate at least one portion.