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December 10, 1944

Raining all day – camp quiet and somewhat depressed due to rain. Steamed rice ration working out quite so far. The issue is still poor, but the afternoon meal was fairly filling consisting of steamed rice and corn, 10 gms of “bait fish” cooked it was nearly powdered, kangkong soup, and a good ration of camotes and bean curd — this is far better than usual.

Mr. Kuboda o’kayed use of Serbian barrel if it can be done with wood chips. He also talked with Captain Nogi and says we may give lectures if these are suhnitted ahead of time.

Temperature down to 78°F. – all complaining of the cold. I slept under a folded blanket last night as did most others. This is unheard of in Manila and is due to loss of fat and general emaciation to say nothing of no fat in diet.

Lt Col Harold Johnson 57th Inf. has been more than decent, has helped in auditing commissary acc’t. and is very friendly.

Talked with Col Beecher over plans. etc. He was very decent and very helpful.