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December 11, 1944

official order chopped by Captain Nogi to be published in all Bldgs. prohibiting lectures, etc.

Checked all special diets today. Have 30 on #1 and 25 on #2 (supplementary milk).

There are rumors around camp to effect that the draft is leaving soon, but so far it is all scuttle.

Mr. Kuboda okayed appendectomy on M.C. Farr, Ph. M. 2/c.

Saw Mr. Kuboda this morning and business appeared to be “as usual”. We knew Iast night that the draft might leave since there was a recapitulation of the roster by our office, and postal savings accounts were being separated (Bilibid detail from the draft). At noon, I was ordered to have all draft personnel unfit for travel ready for Captain Nogi’s inspection. I had anticipated this from last night’s rumors and had the ward surgeons bring lists up to date this morning.

Captain Nogi came at 330 and surveyed 48 patients who were all lined up in Wd #3. He o’kayed the entire list to stay, and I transferred 8 from the hospital to the draft at his request (4 cured amoebic dysentery cases and two beri-beri in good condition).

I was told all draft personnel would he examined for amoebiosis tomorrow. At 6:00 PM Mr. Schwizer came in with news that the draft would leave at 8:00 AM tomorrow. It was tenko time therefore the news was not disseminated until this was over and it was nearly dark. There were were a thousand details to handle tonight and I felt very sorry for the entire group. It was difficult packing as there are very few lights bulbs in the compound even though the Japanese authorized lights all night (with black out shades). At midnight. I went to Mr. Kuroda about Captain Ashton. MC, a patient in isolation, who was involved in a shooting scrape here 5 mos. ago. He said his last witness was leaving on the draft. Mr. Kuroda sent for Captain Ashton and looked up the list of witnesses. This person (Reideman) was not included on the Japanese list, so was not dropped from the draft. And so to bed (at 1:00 AM).

P52,000.00 were given Gun Portz by W0 Hanson. This out of total pay for Oct. and Nov. less am’t. spent for mongo beans and tobacco, etc. We retained P14,992. (23% of total since that was our percent by population). The Com was also given P postal saving for all officers.