December 17, 1944

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Dec. 17th – The air-raid signal continued in force all last night and today (30 hours now) – But we have had no bombing since 5:30 yesterday afternoon (almost 24 hours). However, observation planes have been over – Rumors of a landing or landings on the mainland of Luzon persist.

I came across a description in Conrad’s “Nigger of the Narcissus” which could have been written about our condition “not dead starvation but steady living hunger, The torment of waking moments, the disturber of dreams.” And so it is.

The day has passed like a dream – Mass & communion at 7:00

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back to bed at 7:30, sleep until 11:00. luncheon at 11:30 (4 oz. boiled rice), criticism of 3 chapters from a friend’s manuscript on India, sleep 1:30-3:30. a chapter from the “Nigger.” And now time for dinner – Then perhaps a chapter or so from Ferrero’s “Life of Caesar”, an hour conversation & bed.

We are fortunate in having our difficulties come during the best time of the year. The cool nights, the sunny days all help to rest our strained existences.

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