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January 12, 1945

Cornmeal mush with a little rice in it for breakfast. Well, the air was full of our planes this morning. They were blasting things up north of here. That helps pep us up.

I have been laying here on my bunk listening to some fellows talking about chow. They make me so darned hungry that I would eat a dish rag.

It is eleven o’clock and will soon be time for the soup. It is may of soy bean cake today. Something special. I am getting so weak I can hardly get around. We have hopes that the boys will be here on Sunday. I hope to God it will come true. This is my first experience with starvation.

Just broadcasted that there will be no soup for lunch. That is that. Well, I can smoke a cigarette and drink water.

Lots of explosions and fires this p.m. Seems that our friends are wrecking things. Story is that the guards have already left Los Baños. Time will tell. If these birds would only leave here….

Fair gravy and a small ladle of rice for supper. Very good as far as it went.

We have been under a partial blackout since August 22 and total blackout for 7 days. Only a dim light in each corner of the hall.

September 21, 1944 was a wonder day for us. That was the day we saw the first American planes. The air was full of them and they did a wonderful job.

Further notes I will put here as I guess there is no longer danger of search. August 2, 1944 orders came to turn in all money to the Japanese. That caused a scramble. August 22, 1944 Japs came without any warning and searched our room. Took field glasses, typewriter, money, books, maps, etc. Three men went to jail.