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February 24, 1945

The opportunity was past my greatest expectations. Both General Eichelberger and his staff lived up to my high hopes.

Paul Cranston, feature writer for the North American Newspaper Alliance, was trying to get a release on my story.
If the good God is with me, I should be able to make some money out of the complete story. Tied down as I am, I don’t know whether the world will wait on me or not.

Manila has ceased to exist. Someone said that they are simply pushing the rubble into the bay to make ramps which cargo could be unloaded.

My personal opinion is that nothing is being done to organize the PA, and that the delay will be serious,. Already the rumor is spreading that the Pro-Japs are taking command of the army. Should that gain sufficient following, you can expect civil war, with the split widening but following the original lines of that who were collaborationists and those who were not. My head aches each time I think of these islands trying to exist as sovereign nation. They are as incapable of self-government as the youngest Central American Republic.