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June 5, 1945 Tuesday

Rumors continue circulating that Pres. Osmeña was coming. There seems to be no foundation for it.

For the first time, a moving picture was shown inside our compound. War pictures were shown to us and they explained why the Americans attain victory after victory without sacrifice of many lives. Their equipment are modern and effective. One picture showed a conference of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin on world affairs. I had the pleasure of seeing and talking four times with Pres. Roosevelt in 1938-1939. He looked very old and sickly, not like when I saw him. It is not surprising that he died recently.

We have received news about the war. It looks like the American Okinawa campaign is nearing its end. Japanese cities are being destroyed systematically by American superfortresses. Pres. Truman said that Japan should surrender soon to avoid destruction and a fate similar to Germany. Indications are that the war will end soon. This means our liberation of course.