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April 1, 1970 Wednesday


11:35 PM

April 1, 1970

Intelligence funds transferred to my office in 1969-1970 is supposed to total P34.6 m but most of this was transferred to Congress for the expenditure of congressmen’s offices. And I am held liable for this. In the breakfast with Sen. Aytona and Cong. Jose Alberto, chairmen of the Senate and House Ways and Means, I asked that the Congress now assume responsibility for their expenses. And I asked the inclusion of contingency funds in the unprogrammed budget for any eventuality. The areas of contingency would be AFP, National Emergency Plans, Natural Calamities, Health, Labor. Information would be included in National Emergency Plans. I convinced them of the danger by calling attention to the training camps of subversives in their areas.

Then I had a conference with the labor leaders and congressional members on the minimum wage to establish a dialogue to prevent a strike.

Caught a cold but had lunch with Sec. Ponce Enrile and Eddie Ramos on the need to strengthen our hold on the Army. Gen. Ileto may have to be sent on a mission to the U.S, and the Camp Bonifacio commander, Col. Potenciano to Deputy Commander of the 1st Brigade.

Gen. Zagala should take the place of Col. Rimseng as Deputy Phil. Army Chief and ultimately to command if the need arises.