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March 31, 1970 Tuesday


11:35 PM

March 31, 1970

This marks the end of the month that is identified with tragedy, “the Ides of March” and Magsaysay’s death, etc.

Had the weekly Tuesday caucus of Congressional leaders. Worked out the details of the export tax bill. Looks like sugar and desiccated coconut, the first the Lopezes and the second Puyat as well as canned pineapple represented by Pelaez (Del Monte Canning) have succeeded in getting a categorized or classified bill of Relatively processed, Semi processed and Processed at tentatively 15-10-5% although it may be brought down to 12-0-6%.

Decided to increase the minimum wage. Seven Pesos is the starting point. It could go up to Nine.

Met Bert Oca of the Pinagbuklod nang Mg Manggagawang Pilipino to present a day’s stoppage of work which he agreed to but after a meeting with his group tomorrow morning – he, Pedro Fernandez, Jose Hernandez, Cipriano Cid, Lerum and others.

Ting Paterno does not seem to be too eager to join the BOI. So I may have to put Mapa or June Cruz.

Met the Press Photographers with Kits Tatad

Have written Cesar Lanuza and Leo Virata to prepare two projects on abaca pulp and paper by Friday.

Proposed a railroad for Mindanao in the caucus.