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April 20, 1970

[Note: this entry is dated March 20, but located, and numbered, so that it suggests it should be dated April 20.]


12:30 AM

April 20, 1970

Imee won the topmost honors in school (1st year, Assumption Convent). In all her subjects. I wish she had been a boy. I went there at ten o’clock AM to pin the medal on her. She was quite nervous about it. And her teachers were proud of her. An Ilocana teacher commented “Ti paria hangan nga agbunga ti tarong.”

Met with Hanz Menzi on his pulp project, his logging concession in Kalimantan pending with Pres. Suharto of Indonesia, his plantations in Talacag, Bukidnon, Mati, Davao Oriental and Basilan, as well as the publications (Bulletin where he holds 57% of the stock, Emilio Yap 30%, Enrique Zobel a small share and some Americans; Liwayway where he and Emilio Yap are split 50-50). I suggested he now appoint a managing company.

Then Balao and Tante Rubio on their accounts on their enterprises. Balao has the Sierra Madre Logging in Cagayan – right now 20,000 hectares although he has a claim of 50,000 on the old area of Aguil and

Then a conference at 3:00 PM.

Golf at 6:00 to 7:30.

The Lady of Fatima with Father Moore at 8:00 PM.

Dinner with Bobby Benedicto whose 53rd birthday was the 18th. He cut his foot on a Coke bottle at his Macao plantation so he cannot play golf.

Cesar Zalamea on the BOI and other appointments.

Talked to Bobby about his building up Channel 9 into color and nation-wide, and KBS radio as well as putting up a newspaper and developing copper claims.

[Memorandum from Francisco S. Tatad on Yuyitung brothers attached]