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April 29, 1970


11:55 PM

April 29, 1970

The conference committee on the stabilization tax bill approved the conference report with the amendment that instead of sterilization of the last 25% of the proceeds it goes to the DBP for the payment of its obligations. I sent Leo Virata to the Senate to explain to the Nacionalista senators’ caucus that he has obligations that are urgent – $67 million by the end of the month and $289 million by the end of June.

The House has approved the conference report but the Senate is still debating it although Senate President Gil Puyat promised they would hold on and keep the session going until it is approved.

The Labor groups have allegedly withdrawn their invitation for me to address them on Labor Day, May 1st. Before that Sec. Ople on his own announced that for security reasons I am not attending the Labor Day celebration. Labor is supposed to demonstrate against Congress and me because I certified the bill on minimum wage for P8 for industrial and P5 for non-industrial workers.

Ople recommends that I meet with the labor leaders and I have agreed to do so tomorrow noon at 1:00 PM. But I do not wish to compromise as the labor leaders are getting too arrogant and are trying to intimidate the Congress and me.

Actually the minimum wage should be P7 and P4.50.

Gov. Primicias won against Gov. Isidro Rodriguez who is feeling hurt for the Chairmanship of the League of Governors and City Mayors. Inducted the new officers including Cocoy Romualdez as Vice Chairman, Gov. Roño secretary general.