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January 9, 1971 Saturday


11:30 PM

January 9, 1971

Bongbong left by Qantas via Hongkong, New Delhi, Teheran, Athens and London.

I talked to him and his sisters, Imelda and Kokoy about the possibility of his mother and two sisters joining him if there should be trouble here; that whether I am there beside them or not they (the children) should value education and get a doctorate degree because even if we should lose our fortune and position here in the Philippines, then they could make their own way in this world; that if for any reason we should be separated and
I should not be able to guide them after normalcy returns to the world or the Philippines as the case may be, they should return to the Philippines where their roots are; that I would prefer their marrying Filipinos.

Spent the afternoon preparing the records and money he and Kokoy would bring to London.

Spent the whole morning with the oil refineries representatives who as I expected could not budge although they did apologize.

The buses and jeepneys are running normally but I asked PSC Chairman Evangelista to punish those who were not following their franchise by going out.

And asked Sec. Maceda to finish the confurmation of the Villegas rates today.

Maceda, who is an aspirant for senator, wanted to delay and even cut the rate to 1/2 centavo. Bung Tanco called up tonight asking if they could not give the increase by degrees. I did not approve this.

I believe that the answer to all these problems is a government controlled oil refinery in partnership with any of the middle east countries. I attach such a proposal.