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January 20, 1971 Wednesday


9:30 PM

January 20, 1971

Imee and Irene have been permitted to stay in the palace under a tutor doing their homework and taking the exams of Assumption College but not attending classes there because of the threat of kidnapping against them.

Imelda and I talked to Father Dominic about the plot to kidnap Bongbong by some Cairo Muslims, possibly Filipinos. The information came from Jimmy Rafferty of the U.S. Embassy who got it from his or their Tausog agents. Kokoy Romualdez has notified Scotland Yard about the plot. And the English government is taking all precaution.

The Liberals have taken a full-page advertisement on martial law declaring they would not attend sessions if martial law is declared.

I have had to reiterate my stand that martial law is the last recourse – that I would resort to it only if there is massive sabotage, terrorism, assassination and/or violent grab for control of government.

The students led by Eric Baculinao, Gerry Barican and Nelson Navarro met Sec. Ernesto Maceda on their initiative and wanted ground rules established on the demonstration on the 25th.

But they would not meet with Sec. Juan Ponce Enrile except in the U.P. so there has been no meeting with them of the committee I organized of Sec. Enrile, Gen. Ordoñez and Col. Ver to meet with them.

I attach the note of Sec. Maceda on this.

The students are getting split. I attach the campus editorial and news clipping on this.

The Nica spot report is quite accurate. I attach it.

The farmers from Central Luzon under Max Fabian and Luis Taruc came to offer support to me. I enclose their resolution.

Lacsina of the Socialist Party insisted that we should dissociate ourselves from the IMF and just notify the American creditors that we cannot pay and let them collect.

I told him I thought that he was afraid of the oligarchs and the newspapers. Because from my point of view he was giving a transparent excuse for his avoiding being identified with us.

But apparently he is playing for bigger stakes. He wants his socialist philosophy adopted.

The cause that we are now fighting is God-sent. And we now should work on the things that will immediately give relief to the masses of our people specially the lowering of the Meralco rates.

I meet the Solicitor General on this tomorrow.

Am now working on the State of the Nation address.