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January 21, 1971 Thursday


11:30 PM

January 21, 1971

“Go after the communists and their cells in all areas of activity. There must be no abuse of power. We must show restraint and responsibility. We must allow the functions of government to function normally under military supervision. The operations must be swift and clean. After the objective is attained then, the authority must be returned to the civil government.”

“If we do not have enough men to take over all the media then we should close all the newspapers and television and radio stations leaving one of each only to communicate to the people.”

“Even if I am not there, follow the contingency plan unerringly and with resolution.”

“If I should be unconscious, I must be revived so I can sign the proclamation. And even if I cannot actively command, my plans must be followed.”

These were my orders to Sec. Ponce Enrile, Gen. Yan, Gen. Espino, Gen. Ileto, Gen. Ramos and Col. Ver this evening at 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM during the conference on the contingency plan.

I attach a disturbing report which reflects on the character of Gen. Yan, Com. Lavadia and Gen. Perez.

So now we must strengthen the staff of Gen. Espino to watch over the movements of Gen. Yan and control the message center in GHQ.

There was a fire at the City Hall which started at the room of Judge Asuncion from an overheated electric fan.

The drivers’ leaders could not agree on a quiet solution of the oil products prices. I met them (de Luna, Geruero and Lupino Lazaro) this noon up to 1:30 from 12:30.

I also met the Public Service Commission at Pangarap before that and they have decided to hear the Motion for Reconsideration of the Meralco rates on Jan. 28th.

It looks like the students may have called off their demonstration in Congress so that as they say, “Marcos will have no reason to proclaim martial law.”

Tony Policarpio called up at about 11:00 PM to tell me that the labor leaders have decided to send a delegation to Congress on the 25th although Tony Diaz and Eddie Nolasco of Philcontu registered votes against the plan.