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January 7, 1972 Friday


11:40 PM

January 7, 1972

Open House at 9:15 AM. Before that had breakfast with Sen. Barry Goldwater Sr. and his son Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr., brought by Ambassador Byroade by helicopter (our helicopter) from the airport (From 8:00-9:15 AM).

Then awarding of the prizes in the PACD-Seato barrio development contest among the 33,661 barrios. First prize went to Barrio Lanao, Baugin, Ilocos Norte.

Inasmuch as the prices seem to be going up, we have closed the contract with Thailand for 60% of the 300,000 tons of rice import payable in ten years with 3 years grace at 7 1/2% interest, the balance of 40% in cash (we are asking to negotiate the terms of the cash portion).

Exercised again this afternoon as I have felt no pain and I could stand up the whole day on the new pair of boots made by Frankie Teodoro (Ang Tibay) for me.

Am now taking colclisine four times a day with 3 aspirin tablets and 3 soda mint (to alkalize my urine).

Then met Sec. Tanco on the conversation program for forestry, the financing of the rice production program (we have P208 million to be generated from the sale of still unsold RCA rice) and his resignation after May. I asked him to get a good undersecretary first.

I enclose his letter and my votes on the rice purchase.

He assured me he has not gambled in any casino as claimed by the rumor mongers, Women maybe but not dishonesty.

We are going to divide the country into big zones so that there may be forest reserves where no settlers may go in and reforestation can be pushed hard.

In the toasts for the Diplomatic Corp this morning, I spoke of man pushing the frontiers of natural science leaving behind the less progressive social and political sciences as man cannot seem to attain peace and unity.

And in the Barrio Development Awards I spoke of the need to go deep into the needs of the barrios to answer the nagging question of reform and a more equitable society.

I enclose the Central Bank Report.