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June 6, 1972 Monday


1:00 PM

June 6, 1972


June 6, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Imelda came back to the palace at 10:30 AM. I pushed her in a wheelchair to the ground floor and on to the big Cadilac and up the small elevators to our quarters. But again on a wheelchair to Suite I.

She is still suffering pains from contractions but otherwise recovering normally although still depressed.

I shocked Ambassador Byroade when Sec. Romulo, my direction, handed over to him the Note Verbal which requests the elevation of the negotiations on the Military Bases from the technical panel to the policy (not readable) (not readable) with the two parts to be first discussed.

  1. Duration of the bases
  2. Intention of U.S. on long range missiles (ICBM and IRBM)

Juan T. David offered his services as lawyer for the First Lady. I politely refused him but thanked him.

Conferred with the lawyers, Sec. Vic Abad Santos Sol Gov. Estellito Mendoza, Sec. Juan Ponce Enrile, Dean Crispin Bangao and Delegate Estanislao Fernandez.



June 6th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


I demanded from the Herald Publisher, Sebastian Ugarte to tell me why the Herald is so vicious. My letter was hidden in a corner of page six. And at the back page a nasty article by Sanchez of the PNS “RP Press not responsible for Imelda Abortion.”

He admitted that the press has been vicious and personal.

Met the Russian Tourists.