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June 4, 1972 Sunday

11:10 PM

June 4, 1972


Makati Medical Center

I have just answered a letter of Concon President Macapagal wherein he asks whether I or Imelda are running for President in 1972. I wrote him through Kits Tatad that neither Imelda or I intend to run –I because I am disqualified by the constitution from a third term and Imelda because she has no intention to do so.

I asked him to do me the honor of furnishing me the original of his letter which he sent to media, so that I could answer him in more detail. And that he should exercise the leadership that is sadly lacking in the convention.

Apparently Pres. Macapagal has decided to lay the blame on me for the failures of the convention.

Typical traitor and coward!

But from my point of view the Concon has become useless. Anything they will approve now will be rejected by the people in a plebiscite.

Judge Asuncion and Director Bugarin appeared at 9:40 PM in the channel 9 TV program Background on the search warrant of the Quintero residence.

Chief State Prosecutor Gancayco and Fiscal Mabutas appeared in Channel 5 in Raul Goco’s show on justice. They also explained how the requisites for the issuance of a search warrant were complied with.

But the Times and the Herald as well as the chronicle have been specially vicious presenting alleged PNS reports that the people and civic organizations believe the money in the Quintero residence was “planted.”

Transparent attempt to usurp judicial function and place us and the government in discredit.

Chino Roces in behind all this. But the Sorianos are apparently behind him also. So I am beginning to believe that the plan is to discredit the Concon so that their interests are not prejudiced by a new and socially-oriented constitution.

It would be wise to look into this. The American Lobby is suspect here. Because under the plans of the Concon, the real estate around by American Juries would have to revert to the Republic in 3 to 5 years.

The Chinese Lobby is also suspect because of the problems of nationalization or filipinization.

But everybody is taking advantage of it – Liberals, activists, Americans, Chinese etc. They are all fishing in troubled waters.

The American Embassy is also interested in the failure of the Constitution because of the threat to abolish the American bases in the Philippines.

Delegate Miguel Cuaderno was one of the principal movants and mentors of Quintero. And Cuaderno has many American clients. So has Pio Pedrosa of Prudential Bank.

Cuaderno is supposed to have said that “Ang bata mo ay tila walang lakas loob gumawa na expose,” referring to Quintero. This was addressed to Delegate (not readable) Rosales of Samar.