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August 20, 1972 Sunday

Aug. 20, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Early nights and 1974. Public agriculture lands sold to Americans must (not readable) in that year. (not readable) of (not readable) agricultural land are (not readable). So decided the Supreme Court (not readable) J.P & Reyno (not readable) (not readable). The government now to ease the case did it (not readable) because of Luzon City has not (not readable) (not readable) (not readable) the bombing of the new 60 inch main pipe of the NAWASA.

And the Metrocom car that was ambushed in the Marikina Heights firefight early yesterday morning had a smashed front and rear glasses and bullet holes in the body.

And there is growing apprehension in the Greater Manila Area.

I enclose the metropolitan papers in Envelope No. XXXIV – H.

The Liberals led by Aquino are crying out for a share of the publicity in the Relief and Rehabilitation by pettily demanding an accounting of the relief goods distribution. I have called the petty and appealed for more maturity in the face of crisis.

Today I directed the Disaster Committee headed by Sec. Ponce Enrile and Executive Secretary to render an account of the relief goods distribution.

And the Senators are back to the good old political game of bickering. They have passed the Calamity bill but there are no funds for it as they have not passed the new tax laws.

Yesterday 79 officers and man of the PGB and PSU graduated from the Jungle Warfare and Mountain Operations (a 45 day course in the Second Brigade area at Tanay, Rizal). One of my close in security a narrow shouldered thin sergeant topped the class.

I am glad that the PGB and PSU are improving on their capabilities. I wrote a congratulatory message to them from the golf course.

Worked on updating of the contingency plans on the basis of the new assumptions – marking out the possible targets of sabotage and kidnapping of assassination of the NPA’s.

And counteraction immediate and long (not readable)