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August 21, 1972 Monday

8:20 PM

Aug. 21, 1972


Malacañan Palace


We are waiting for Danny and Ising Madrigal so that they can wait with Tony, Beleck, Chito and Macaria. Isings brothers and sisters are trying to amicably settle their quarrel about their property.

Usually in family quarrels of the nature the peace makers get hurt but since they are our friends we are taking risk.

Premier Chiang Ching Kuo sent Mr. Yang Hei-Kun Deputy Foreign Minister with a message and letter with the request for me to intervene with Japan and United States to delay or stop the normalization of relations of Japan with Red China.

I attach the letter and copies of answers to him and cablegrams to Amb. Romualdez in Washington and Amb. Benedicto in Tokyo.

It is to our interest that Taiwan remain a buffer between the Philippines and the mainland. But at the same time we cannot close our eyes the need for peace between Japan and Red China. War between them would embroil us.

The established fact that Red China seems to be helping the local communists and may continue to do so may require a reassessment of our defense and foreign policies.

We may have to keep on depending more and more on the United States. And we may have to postpone the diplomatic relations of the Philippines with Red China or even Russia.

Thus the continuance of the Military Bases Agreement.

The reports of submarine landing personnel and arms in the Divinisa, Palanan area must make me cautious about cutting our ties with the United States.

For the next two decades we will not be able to defend ourselves against Red China & Japan.

And anyway for a self-reliant national defense we used military assistance from the United States whether on the basis of foreign aid or access.

Manila Times, Chronicle, Bulletin and The Philippine Herald among other media are still trying to make the Plaza Miranda grenade incident that was the principal cause for the victory (from sheer pity felt by the electorate for the Liberals senatorial candidates) of the situation last year, a rallying cause against the administration.

It is obvious that the liberals are making use of the newspapers and the radiants or radian it is a question as to who is using who

But only 3,000 attended the rally at Plaza Miranda and there have been no incidents.

I enclose an Envelope XXXIV – I the newspapers of today