August 24, 1972 Thursday




12:00 PM

PAGE 2261

Aug 24, 1972



Malacañan Palace



Golf up to 10:00 A M

11:00 AM. Credentials [not readable] and [not readable] ambassador Daniel Laor

11:30 – Postponed [not readable] [not readable] [not readable] Tillman Durdin of her York Times to 5:00 PM because of cabinet meeting

11:45 AM – 10:00 PM – Cabinet meeting. Report of Sec. Vicente Abad Santos of Legal Committee on Parity Decision and Sec. A. Melchor in working on economic effects of decision found in Envelope XXXIV-VV

Solicitor General to maintain argument stand on motion for reconsideration.

The Filipino way is a fair and equitable way to treat owners and owned real estate.

Studies have been made [not readable] the Marian [not readable] communiqué in 1966 and we have always maintained that rights arousing out of parity are coterminous [not readable] party in July 3, 1972.

This position was sustained in the Sup Ct decision.

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