August 23, 1972 Wednesday

PAGE 2258

Aug 23rd (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


Then met the senators and congressmen. Next week I will release P100,000 to each congressional district.

Sen. Tolentino has just called my directive to Sec. of Justice and Sol. Gen to see to it that there is no confiscation without fair compensation untimely and improper. Because of his bill on [not readable] of [not readable] property rights.

I do not wish to quarrel [not readable] [not readable]. So I merely commanded that the study by the Sec. of Justice must be [not readable] [not readable] and include all aspects including those that must be brought to the attention of the court on a motion for reconsideration whether adverse to the government or not.

I ordered the Sec. of [not readable] BOI, PBS, [not readable] [not readable] Sec. to study the effects on business of the [not readable] of the decision – and [not readable] [not readable] of [not readable] [not readable] affected.

The Intelligence Chief of Regal was pulled by three unknown persons the [not readable] day.

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