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August 27, 1972 Sunday

10:30 PM

Aug. 27, 1972


Malacañan Palace



I just talked to Kokoy Romualdez at Washington on the cablegram report of Ambassador Eduardo Romualdez on his talks to Marshall Green, the State Department man of the Far East on the reported Japanese plan to recognize Red China, in which conversation Marshall Green ‘bluntly told us that the Philippine government has overestimated the aid extended by the Chinese (Red) government and the Chinese community in the Philippines to the local communists.

The U.S. State Department has a constant record of error in the assessment of Asia’s situations and judging Red Chinese intentions. It is preposterous, therefore, for them to lecture to us on their estimate of the threat we face from the local communists.

And apparently, they are at it again in the Philippines.

Perhaps, the U.S. Embassy here is most to blame. For I think the Ambassador and his staff, the CIA man, [not readable], have finished as of last year a report on the Isabela situation concluding that the NPA operates out of the pocket of Sison and Corpus? And does not pose a serious threat numbering less than 100.

How stupid can they get?

And after we, in the government, had [not readable] the interlurking of the front organizations in the cities like Manila (like KM) with the NPA, the CIA man, [not readable],offered to spend good money on the operations of whether there was any connections at all between the front organizations and the NPA.

If the NPA has no funds except those from the pockets of their leaders, where did they get the P5 million that was used, according to the captured NPA, in the purchase of the 55 Karayalan and the about 2,000 M-14 rifles, ammo, rockets, communications equipment, allotting and food.

And why is there an increase in their number, so much so that in west engagements in Isabela, our bays were outnumbered, contrary to the basic principles of guerilla warfare.

The NPA is spreading to the Bicol, Samar, Leyte, Panay Island, Negros, Mindanao and over Sulu.

And the KM’s are proliferating in greater strides.

What about the Supreme Court decision. Are the Americans saying that the justices are incompetent? Like all of us, supposedly?

Then the ambush in Marikina of a Metrocom car which resulted in the capture of an M-14 with serial number beginning with 620 like the M-14’s captured in Digoyo, Palawan.

So I have asked Gov. Romualdez to ask our friends, like Gen. Blackburn and Poling Valeriano to put things aright in the lower levels.

And to send word to the cabinet level and National Security Council level that I feel that we are being misused.

Anyway I was so exercised by the reported ex cathedra statement of Marshall Green that I asked for the clarification of the intention and purpose as well as the surrounding circumstances of the statement.

But that is the U.S.

This reminds me of the assessment of the 1970 situation in US News and World Report (Feb. 23, 1970, p. 54 – Worldgram) – “Add this to Asia’s Troubles: Filipinos are on the break of a peaceful – or a bloody revolution. Change must come quickly. Everyone agrees on that.

Filipinos have lost confidence in their political leaders. The treasury is virtually empty, exports are lethargic, the peso is weak and corruption is rampant. The gulf between the very rich and the very poor is widening.

Is the U.S. to blame for this crisis? Not at all. Yet it could end up in the middle Filipinos who respect Americans are asking what the U.S. will do? Stand behind the legal Government, or with those who demand reform?”

This is one of the most preposterous, false and misleading statements I have read.

It is a restatement of the position of the political opposition – of the irresponsible press – of Chino Roces who went to the extent of demanding my resignation as President at the height of violent demonstrations which started in Jan. 26, 1970.

Incidentally our exports increased by 21% in that year 1970!

And the magazine suggests intervention by the U.S. government in our internal affairs very casually.

I attach the magazine in Envelope No. XXXIV-P.

After golf this morning. I laid a wreath at the Unknown Soldiers’ Tomb on the occasion of National Heroes Day.

“Anonymity in Heroism” was my theme.

Then worked on the problems tomorrow.

Parity and the Supt. Ct. Decision is still the top news.

But whatever may be done, we must be fair and equitable in dealing with the Americans.