August 28, 1972 Monday


11:15 PM

PAGE 2272
Aug. 28, 1972


Malacañan Palace



The Bulletin (alone, carried a story of the “Aug Bayan” the Communist paper’s editorial charging “an alleged plot of the U.S. – Marcos clique’ to undertake [not readable] bombings and shootouts and to disrupt public meetings of both the Nacionalista and Liberal parties [not readable] the [not readable] campaign period of 1973, farther [not readable] the communist paper is saying these activities were in preparation for a proclamation of martial law.
What about the front organizations, the demonstrations, the open call to a [not readable] the attacks on the Armed Forces in Isabela, Tarlac, Pampanga, Zambales, Cam Sur, Sorsogon, Samar, Leyte, Iloilo, Capiz, Mindanao, etc.
The communists are schsizophrensic they do not know what they want.
Sen. [not readable] and [not readable], an old [not readable] here. He is chairman of the Subcommittee on Foreign Aid which he says is not for [not readable] [not readable].
I briefed him on the State Department and U.S. Embassy attempt to understate the thought [not readable] by Communism to the Philippines.

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