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September 4, 1972, Monday

12:10 PM


September 4, 1972


The crew members of the Red Chinese ship “Anting” arrogantly refused to come and meet with me after I had met with the Ambassador Lin Chek and his delegation of Nationalist China to receive 3 1/2 tons of vegetable seeds.

This is indicative of the Red Chinese kind of manners and intentions. They send in ₱2 1/2 million of relief goods through the Red Cross and then kick you in the face.

Before that I had refused to see Antonio Araneta, [     ] Planas, and the Chamber of Commerce accompanying them as they would use this for propaganda politics. And we end up with propaganda. Charming manners! And more [    ] politics!

This is the final proof of the need to do away with the Maoist Communists in the country.

Had lunch with the World Bank Team Hassan, Dickerson and Van Heflen. We hope to get a simple package for roads of $55-100 million in the form of long term loans.

Directed the disposal of surplus Virginia tobacco. And talked to Tony and Ruby Martel on pulp, housing, steel and the economic atmosphere.

Danding Cojuangco reports Commander Pas[illegible] is in Manila on a mission.

Some M-14 guns from Palawan [illegible] reached Tarlac.