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September 3, 1972


11:10 PM

Sep. 3, 1972


Imee left by PAL for San Francisco and Monterrey’s Sta. Catalina School run by the Benedictine nuns. She will be coming back for the Christmas holidays.

She was in such a hurry that we did not give her any cash nor get her telephone number. But she should be able to manage.

Played golf with Gen. Maraden Panggabean, Indonesian Minister of State for Defense and Security Forces –at 6:30 AM– teeing off across the Pasig on Tee No. 1. He lost the first ball in the water and crossed on the second.

Amb. Monet Nolan brought me the sugar act of the U.S. which provides that in case of expropriation of American property without compensation, the sugar quota can be suspended or a $20 per ton levy imposed by the U.S. President.

I have called the sugar industry leaders to a conference on Wednesday.

Directed that the MIA men (customs, Gen. Man. Luis Tabuena and CAA Adm. Singson) stop the practice of allowing non-passengers enter the area of the departing or arriving passengers. This because of a stowaway in one of the foreign planes and the complaint of the international pilos that we are not taking precaution against possible hijacking.

The propagandists of the communists –among them Sen. Ramon Mitra keep insisting that the terrorism and the bombings by the leftists and subversives are perpetrated by the AFP to condition the people to martial law.

I told Gen. Menzi today that the Bulletin News Editor, Antonio Zumel, is one of the three propagandists of the Communists. I told him that the two others are with Chronicle and Taliba (without mentioning Granada and Fadol of those newspapers). He admitted that Zumel was a Red. I must resign my aide, LtCol. Zumel his brother.