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Monday, October 16, 1972

(Miling) Padua is a Liberal Party man and, therefore, an “anti.” He told me that he had it from good authority–from Delegate Braulio Yaranon—that President Marcos is quite keen on having the draft transitory provision approved. Miling said that he had inquired three times from Yaranon the veracity of this and each time, Yaranon said that he was called to Malacañang and was told that if he did not vote for the transitory provision, he would be a hero but he would be hanged.

Because of this, Miling Padua said, he has been conferring with his wife because he does not know what to do. He would like to vote against the transitory provision but he was afraid to do so.

I told him that our group is going to meet on it. Miling then said he would like to know the result of our consultations.