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October 17, 1972

11:00 PM

Oct. 17, 1972


Malacañan Palace


I have had to postpone the proclamation of ownership of the land they till by the tenants because of my desire to prevent the dislocation of production if small farmers owning only 6 hectares are dispossessed of their lands and merely transferred to what may be a less efficient tenant.

So I have asked for more statistics on how many landowners there are owning give hectares or less.

I was interviewed by Tony Clifton of Newsweek and H. Okada of the Japan Economic Review.

Before lunch I listened to the Philharmonic and the governments choral group rendition of the Bagong Pagsilang (A Rebirth) a march, and Bagong Lipunan, (New Society) a hymn. Inspiring and moving.

Imelda who asked composer Felipe de Leon to compose them is also thinking of plays in the Cultural Center and a movie on the New Society.